Price List

Dr. O’Hagan will go through an individual treatment plan with you which explains everything in detail.

Examination & Consultation Price
  Examination, Diagnosis and Treatment Plan €60
  Exam, Scale, Polish & X-Rays €110
  Scale & Polish Only (Teeth Cleaning) €80
  X-Ray €20 Each
  Periodontal Treatment €90 per quadrant
Depending on the extent of bone and gum
loss and degree of tartar build-up.

Special Offer for new patients Price
  Scale & Polish €57 Special Offer
Fillings Price
  White (Composite) Filling from €90
Cost varies according to size and depth.
  Silver (Amalgam) Filling from €80
Cost varies according to size and depth.
  Fissure sealant €45
Root Canal Treatment Price
  Incisor/PreMolar €550 – €600
  Molar (often requires referral to specialist) €700
Dentures Price
  Acrylic (Plastic) based Dentures from €450
  Metal based Dentures from €900
Crowns/Veneers/Bridges Price
  Crown €850 – €900
  Implant Crown from €1,250
Price does not include implant.
  Veneers €750 – €800 Each
  Componeer-Composite Veneer €300 Each
  Bridge from €800(per unit / tooth)
Extractions (Depending on complexity) Price
  Routine Extraction €130
  Complex Extraction €180- €200
  Surgical Extraction (tax deductible) €250- €350. Varies depending on difficulty of extraction
  Wisdom Teeth Extraction Upper From €160
Lower From €350
Teeth Whitening Price
  Home Whitening Kit (upper and lower teeth) €290 Special Offer
(while stocks last)
Includes personalised trays individually made for your mouth and whitening gel.
  Non-Vital Internal Whitening €350
Splints & Mouthguards Price
  Mouthguard / Gum Shield (Sports) €100
  Clear Essix Retainer €150
  Semi-Hard Splint €180
  Hard Stabilisation Splint (for night-grinding) €280
Implants Price
  Implant Consultation From €85
  Implant Placement From €1,250
  Grafting From €350 per grafting site
  Implant Crown (3-4 months after Implant Placement) From €1,250
Antiwrinkle Injection Price
  1 Area €180
  2 Areas €280
  3 Areas €340
  Dermal Filler €350 per syringe