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What are a dental bridges ?

Dental bridges are the ideal solution for replacing missing teeth and keeping your mouth healthy and functional. Replacing missing teeth is extremely important, with missing teeth leading to neighbouring teeth shifting, tipping, or even ‘super-erupting’ into the space.

When teeth drift from their normal and healthy position, they often become susceptible to decay and gum disease. Furthermore, drifting teeth may lead to changes in your bite, putting stress on your jaws, muscles, teeth and temporomandibular joints (TMJ). This can damage your ability to chew and may even change your appearance depending on the location and number of missing teeth.

Dental bridges provide a fixed replacement for one or more missing teeth. The dental bridge consists of the replacement tooth or teeth attached to crowns that fix onto the adjacent teeth. These replacement teeth are shaped, coloured and contoured in order to blend in with the natural teeth in your mouth.

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Dental Bridges

How are dental bridges fitted?

Having dental bridges installed will take at least two visits to complete. At your first visit, we will reduce your adjacent teeth and take an impression of them to send to a dental laboratory for fabrication.

When you return to your second appointment, our specialist at Galway Dentists will permanently place and fit the bridge in your mouth. Like crowns, you can have your dental bridge made from various materials for strength and the desired aesthetic appearance.

At Galway Dentists, we will always discuss your options before going ahead with any treatment, taking your individual needs into account. However, we generally consider fixed restorations, such as dental bridges, as the ideal solution for tooth replacement.

Why choose Galway Dentists for your dental bridge?

Galway Dentists have been saving smiles and providing the best in cosmetic dentistry since 1999. Our dental bridges will make both speaking and eating easier, as well as maintaining good oral hygiene and dental health. Be confident and smile with ease once more with dental bridges from the team at Galway Dentists.

Find out more about Galway dental bridges and how we can restore your smile by calling (091) 58 22 22 or send us a message online to book an appointment.

What to Expect

What Can You Expect After a Dental Bridge Installation?

Installing a well-fitting dental bridge is simple and pain-free. After installing a dental bridge, it’s common to experience some mild sensitivity in the teeth and gums as they adjust to the new appliance. You may also notice a slight alteration in your bite or the way your teeth come together, which typically resolves as you get used to the bridge. Initially, there might be some challenges with speaking or eating, but these usually diminish quickly with practice.

Proper care and good oral hygiene will help ensure a smooth transition to living with your new dental bridge.

The upside is undeniable: you’ll soon enjoy renewed confidence when engaging with others, chatting effortlessly, and laughing openly. As your self-image and esteem soar, you’ll find yourself forging deeper and more rewarding connections with those around you. Embrace the change that comes with your dental bridge—it’s a small step for your smile, but a giant leap for your social life!

Who Are Dental Bridges suitable for?

You might be quite taken aback to learn that dental bridges are not a modern invention. These trusty oral devices have a history stretching back thousands of years, though they were not always as refined and reliable as the ones we benefit from today.
Take a trip back to 2000 BC, and you’d find the ancient Chinese using intricately carved bamboo pegs as rudimentary dental bridges. Meanwhile, the Egyptians around 1500 BC opted for a touch of opulence, crafting bridges from animal teeth anchored with bands of gold or silver.
Fast forward to the present, and dental bridges are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. They’re not only aesthetically pleasing but also robust and dependable. So, who stands to gain from these ingenious devices? Essentially, anyone missing one or more teeth—whether due to an accident, illness, dietary issues, a planned extraction, or simply the natural ageing process—could be a prime candidate for a dental bridge.
Even better, for those who may not be suited for more invasive procedures due to heart conditions, uncontrolled hypertension, compromised immune systems, or a higher risk of surgical complications, dental bridges offer a less invasive alternative with minimal downtime.
And the benefits? They’re extensive. Dental bridges can rejuvenate your smile, bolster your confidence, and enhance your self-esteem, all while addressing practical concerns like chewing difficulties or the sagging of facial muscles often caused by tooth loss.
But just how widespread is tooth loss, or ‘edentulism’ as dentists call it, in Ireland? A staggering 42% of the population could use replacement teeth, either due to loss or poor dental health—a figure that might not come as a shock when you consider that nearly 17 out of every 50 Irish people neglect regular and thorough oral hygiene.
Fear not, though, because here at Galway Dentists, we’re committed to more than just restoring your missing teeth. We’re here to reignite your enthusiasm for oral care, ensuring your smile stays bright for years to come.
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Types of Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are of at least three types, according to how they anchor or secure adjacent teeth. It’s worth pointing out that the actual “bridge” or “pontic” (the false tooth bridging the gap) remains identical regardless of type.
This dental bridge features two caps or crowns covering natural teeth on opposing sides of the gap. These teeth serve as anchor points for the pontic or artificial teeth, filling the space in the middle. Hence, this dental bridge is suitable for people with healthy teeth. A tooth in poor condition might not support the artificial teeth and cause more problems.
Suppose you only have a healthy natural tooth on one side of the gap, and the opposing tooth next to the space is in poor condition. Your dentist will prescribe a cantilever-type dental bridge. The concept is identical to a traditional bridge, except you only have one cap or crown anchoring the artificial teeth or pontic.
Dentists call this bridge type “resin-bonded” because they use a safe resin to stick metal wings behind opposing teeth across the gap. It’s like securing the pontic with braces. Maryland bridges are perfect for missing front teeth, although they are less sturdy than traditional bridges, especially when chewing.
As the name implies, implant-supported dental bridges are part of dental implantation. Dental surgeons insert biologically safe metal rods or threaded posts under the gums or into the jawbone to secure an artificial abutment or anchor point. Dentists then place the bridge over the abutments to fill the gap. This type is the go-to for patients with at least three missing teeth in a single row.

How Can I Benefit from Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges offer many benefits. And if you get them at Galway Dentists, you’ll be more thrilled about how these intra-oral devices can change your life.
Flashing your pearly whites is the most straightforward communication technique to convey warmth, friendliness, agreement, or acceptance. No words can replace a smile. But missing teeth can ruin it. Not anymore. Galway dental bridges will have you smiling more frequently and confidently, paving the way for more robust and meaningful relationships.

We thrive in meaningful social connections, relishing the companionship of others and the hope they bring to our lives. Can you imagine life without friends, acquaintances, or even total strangers? Dental bridges open the doors to more satisfying and meaningful relationships, boosting the quality of life.

Have you ever wondered why some folks are “lucky” job hunters? They don’t have a lucky charm – only a stunning smile conveying a warm personality. Recruiters and hiring managers love this attribute because they know people with genuine smiles attract more customers. So, apart from your talent and skills to highlight during your interview, be ready to flaunt that fantastic smile with your new dental bridges!
Biting a chunk of rubbery meat can be off-putting if you have missing teeth. Nuts, raw carrots, pears, apples, corn on the cob, pretzels, and other hard foods will be off your menu. A Galway dental bridge changes that! You’ll never worry about food restrictions or limit yourself to soft foods. Enjoying your favourite food will be possible once more with your dental bridge!
Here’s an often-overlooked benefit of well-fitting dental bridges. You’ll look and feel several years younger than your actual age. The facial muscles will stay firm, retaining the face’s natural shape. Although you cannot stop wrinkles from forming, your skin will feel tauter than without dental bridges in your mouth.
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