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What are fissure sealants?

Dental fissure sealants offer a protective shield to the teeth’s fissures, preventing tooth decay and are applied on top of the molars or premolars.

Fissure sealants effectively prevent tooth decay, sealing or covering fissures, pits, and natural grooves and depressions on the chewing surfaces of premolars and molars where bacteria and food particles can quickly get stuck. This sealant protects your teeth from acids and plaque that cause tooth decay by providing a protective shield over your enamel.

Fissure Sealant Galway
Fissure Sealants Galway
Fissure Sealant Galway
a Fissure Sealants

Who are fissure sealants for?

The procedure of applying fissure sealants is highly-recommended for everyone to prevent tooth decay. Sealants can be effective for kids when applied earlier, typically when the tooth has erupted at six or seven years old, but sometimes earlier for other children at five years old. We advise parents to have their kids get these sealants when their back teeth become visible to avoid tooth decay and toothaches.
Sealants made of this glass ionomer typically undergo an acid-base reaction as they set on your teeth and then release fluoride with antibacterial properties to strengthen your tooth enamel. Glass ionomer sealants blend in with your teeth’s natural colour. A dentist applies this sealant to a primary tooth.
A dentist applies this composite resin sealant using a special curing light. Composite resin fissure sealants also blend in with your teeth’s natural colour and are perfect for preventing cavities for a long time due to their high retention rate, lasting between five and ten years.
What to expect

Types of fissure sealants ?

White, pink, or coloured sealants are more visible to the dentist inspecting them during your visit at Galway Dentists, making it easier for us to identify issues and determine whether you need new fissure sealants. There are two types of fissure sealants – composite resins and glass ionomers.

Procedure Applying Fissure Sealants

The process is quick and straightforward, involving these steps:

A dry environment is essential for the sealant application. We might use a rubber dam or other methods to keep the area saliva-free.

Tooth surface drying (isolation) ensures that the tooth for sealing is completely dry and free of saliva. Your Galway Dentists may use a rubber dam, cotton rolls, or dry field pads for drying.

This step helps the sealant bond effectively and eliminates bacteria in the tooth’s fissures.

After a final rinse and dry, the sealant is applied

A special light hardens the sealant, after which we check your bite to ensure comfort and stability.

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Facts about fissure sealants

01. How long do fissure sealants last for children?
Most fissure sealants last five to 10 years and benefit children and adults. It is especially recommended among young children after their permanent molars erupt because they typically have deep fissures and pits, translating to a higher risk of developing tooth decay.
02. Who benefits from adult fissure sealing?
Adults with dental cavities due to a lack of good oral hygiene or a sugary diet are also candidates for fissure sealing. Those taking oral medications contributing to xerostomia can protect their teeth with fissure sealants.

The Benefits of Fissure Sealants

  • Fissure sealants also reduce tooth decay development and shield against plaque, stopping it from building up in hard-to-reach areas. Sealants can also protect you from developing dental health problems, including cavities. 
  • In addition, fissure sealants are painless because your dentist will only use a brush to apply the resin material onto the biting surface of your tooth. They also dry quickly in a few seconds, allowing you to rinse it.  
  • Dental sealants can keep out food particles and plaque, which you may not be able to get into when brushing and flossing, especially when in hard-to-reach areas. These dental sealants can also protect for many years to come, at least five years.  
  • Your Galway Dentists will inspect and check the sealants’ condition during your checkup because they may become chipped or worn over time. When this happens, sealants can be easily repaired. Your dentist will apply more sealant if needed to ensure continued protection against tooth decay and cavities. 
  • You can also easily brush your sealed teeth because sealants can reduce the indentation’s deepness, allowing for a better reach when brushing. 
  • A dental sealant can also be a barrier to reducing enamel damage, which is prevalent among patients who consume many acidic drinks, contributing to the condition. 
  • A dental sealant is also helpful for individuals with gaps between their teeth, allowing their dentist to cover such gaps by filling between each of them and eventually preventing food particles and plaque from collecting between the gaps.  

Prevent tooth decay and keep a healthy smile on your face. Get fissure sealants that offer plenty of benefits, such as easy brushing and cleaning, painless dental procedures, and prevent the build-up of plaque and bacteria in hard-to-reach areas of the back teeth. Visit us at 6 Father Griffin Avenue, Galway, Co. Galway H91 ERP4 or email [email protected] to request an appointment. You may also call (091) 58 2222 today!

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