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What is Root Canal Treatment ?

Root canal treatment is an option if you have restorative needs, tooth pain, or severe tooth decay. Galway Dentists offers this treatment that has a lot of benefits for you, including preventing further infections and alleviating pain from a throbbing toothache that can reduce your productivity and cause much discomfort. 

It’s a dental procedure that treats infection at the tooth’s centre, removing inflamed or infected pulp on the inside of the tooth. Later, the tooth is cleaned and disinfected thoroughly before being filled and sealed.  

 It aims to eliminate the bacteria in the infected root canal, save the tooth from extraction, and prevent the spread of infection. These bacteria live in your mouth and invade your tooth, causing an infection at the root canal or centre of your tooth. Bacterial infection occurs after leaky fillings, tooth decay, and tooth damage following a fall or a trauma. 

 Unlike common assumptions, root canal therapy isn’t painful, and all it does is save a tooth that might have been extracted otherwise. 

Root Canal Treatment Galway
Galway Dentists
Root Canal Treatment Galway
Root Canal Treatment

Who is root canal therapy for?

If you have issues from a previous filling or a deep cavity or cracked tooth resulting from a fall or trauma or genetic-related, you may need root canal therapy. Individuals sensitive to hot and cold sensations can also greatly benefit from it. Other signs you might need root canal treatment include pimples on your gum, severe pain when biting or chewing, tender or swollen gums, gum darkening, or deep decay. Patients with an infected tooth also need a root canal treatment to eliminate the infection. One of the most apparent signs of infection is persistent tooth pain spreading to the face, other teeth, and jaw. Tooth turning dark or tooth discolouration is another sign of tooth pulp infection, keeping blood from getting to the tooth. Additionally, pus infecting your tooth can result in a loose tooth because it softens the bones supporting it.

What to expect after a root canal ?

Your dentist may recommend that you rest before leaving the clinic. Typically, the anaesthesia takes at least an hour to wear off. Some patients choose to relax at home, but others continue their daily activities. In most cases, you will have two additional dentist appointments to prepare your tooth for a dental crown and install it on your tooth.
What to expect

What happens during a root canal treatment?

An endodontist or dentist takes a dental x-ray of the infected tooth and performs other tests to check for an inflamed, infected, or dead tooth pulp. They may also have to confirm the necessity of a root canal treatment. Your dentist will do an electric pulp test using a device that sends and increases the electric current through the tooth and check if the tooth pulp reacts. They’ll also tap or touch the tooth with a hot/cold material to determine discomfort or sensitivity and then check for swelling in your gums and bones around the infected tooth. Your dentist at Galway Dentists will then ask if you feel pain when you bite your tooth. The dentist performs a root canal treatment to remove the inflamed pulp and then clean and disinfect the inside of the tooth. Afterwards, they’ll place a filling and seal it.

Benefits of a root canal treatment

The following are some of the benefits of root canal therapies.

  • Hot or cold sensitivity elimination: As it removes damaged nerves, the therapy allows you to enjoy hot and cold foods again.
  • Stops further infections: Root canal therapies help resolve swelling and pain and prevent the spread of the condition in other tissues of your mouth, gums, and teeth.
  • Saves your natural smile: This treatment is the right option to ensure you can continue eating what you love without changing your smile.
  • Time-saving: Root canals can be performed on a single visit at Galway Dentists, typically taking under an hour.
  • Virtually painless: This procedure can leave you with less discomfort during recovery versus when you had a tooth extraction. A wide range of anaesthesia options is also available, making it painless.
  • Cost-effective: Tooth extractions generally take longer than root canal treatments because of follow-up checkups for a dental implant, bridge, or denture.
  • Great visible result: Crowns look perfect and function like natural teeth, significantly improving your smile.
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Types of Root Canal Treatment

The following are the root canal treatment types at Galway Dentists.

This root canal treatment is beneficial for patients with an infection and extensive tooth decay that is no longer suitable for dental filling and is a standard therapy for nerve tissue removal.  

This treatment is recommended when the inflammation/infection gets into the alveolar bone, a part of the jaw. It’s the next treatment option if the non-surgical method is unsuccessful and when intense pain exists throughout the patient’s face. After injecting anaesthesia into the infected area, your dentist will remove the root’s tip and fill it with a material to protect the root canal. Your tooth will heal after a couple of months. The procedure requires no downtime, allowing you to resume your daily activities right after it.
These root canal treatments are recommended for kids with baby teeth and are used by endodontists to save their natural teeth, supporting their healthy growth and development. Pulpotomy: In this procedure, the endodontist removes the tooth pulp from the chamber and leaves the tooth’s healthy pulp for the root’s natural growth. The treatment is recommended for a tooth’s damaged or infected inner nerve tissues. It involves only partial pulp removal, sometimes called partial pulpectomy. It is performed on the primary teeth, but parents don’t need to worry about anything because it’s minimally invasive. Pulpectomy: The procedure can help treat your child’s infection or extensive decay. The dentist removes the pulp from the crown and roots and then places fillers in the space. Afterwards, your friendly dentist at Galway Dentists will remove the pulp’s coronal portion containing most of the nerve tissue and leave the pulp in the root canals intact. The treatment is an alternative option when Pulpotomy won’t work based on your dentist’s assessment.
Root Canal Treatment Galway
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Root Canal Facts

Root canals aren’t generally painful: Many patients don’t feel discomfort during this procedure. The truth is, it’s a procedure that helps with the pain. Your dentist also specialises in treating intense tooth pain. A root canal treatment can be better than tooth removal because it saves your natural tooth. You should consult your dentist, especially if you’ve been suffering from pain. Root canal treatments can protect your surrounding teeth, saving the affected tooth, surrounding teeth, and jaw from any future problems.

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