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Teeth Whitening Galway

Tea, coffee, wine, fruit juices and smoking can all cause your teeth to lose their natural whiteness over time. At Galway Dentists, our team has more than 18 years’ experience in offering teeth whitening services for people looking to get a nice, bright smile and more self-confidence. Our white whitening in Galway is extremely popular, and we help many patients to achieve the smiles they want.


What is teeth whitening (bleaching) and is it safe?

Also known as teeth bleaching, teeth whitening is a very safe procedure that will brighten your teeth and remove any stains or discolouration, leaving you with a far more appealing smile. As well as the effects of tobacco and various drinks, genetics, poor hygiene and natural ageing can all have an impact on the colour of your teeth. Teeth whitening is a non-invasive approach to countering these factors and restoring the brightness of your teeth.

Teeth whitening Galway

Teeth whitening procedures are popular for their great results


Why should I choose Galway Dentists?

Our teeth whitening in Galway is designed to ensure you achieve brilliant results in a safe way. We’ll first offer you a consultation and determine if you’re a suitable candidate for teeth bleaching. We will then make a custom-fit mouth piece of ‘tray’ to fit your teeth which will be used to hold the bleaching material against your teeth for the most appropriate amount of time.

You will use various concentrations of tooth bleach in your mouth tray for anywhere between 10 and 14 days, with our teeth whitening experts, Dr Eilis O’Hagan and Dr Michael Donnelly and their team determining the best regime for your teeth. If you find your teeth become sensitive to hot and cold, you may be given a ‘desensitising’ material to use on your tray every other day.

Teeth bleaching is a very popular method for achieving a bright, white smile as it offers reliably fantastic results quickly, simply and at a low cost. At Galway Dentists, we recommend our patients the Opalescence and Polanight Tooth Whitening systems.

Teeth bleaching Galway

Teeth bleaching is an easy, non-intrusive way to achieve a bright, white smile

For more information out teeth whitening in Galway, don’t hesitate to contact the team on 091 58 22 22 today. Alternatively, get in touch with us online now.